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Green Homes Challenge Receives Climate and Energy Leadership Award!

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Congratulations to all of our Certified Households! Since Frederick County launched its Green Homes Challenge in January 2011, more than 850 households have met one or more of the three Green Homes Challenges: Be a Power Saver, Be a Green Leader, or Be a Renewable Star. 

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Action of the Week
  • Households: 315
    Dispose of cooking grease properly

    Instead of pouring your grease down the drain, collect it in a glass or metal container. Use caution as grease can be very hot. This method of cleaning your pots and pans prevents grease from clogging your pipes and lessens the load on the wastewater system. When the container is full, throw it away or scoop out the solid grease and recycle the container. You can even use leftover animal fat for seasoning cast iron pots or for cooking, as a replacement for butter.

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