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Action of the Week
  • Households: 35
    Dispose of cigarette butts properly, if applicable

    A cigarette butt may seem like a small piece of waste, but throwing it on the ground can do a lot of damage. Instead, dispose of it in a cigarette waste receptacle or trash can.

    Cigarette filters are made of a fibrous material called cellulose acetate that takes many years to decompose. Cigarettes that are flicked on the ground or flushed down a drain pollute our local waterways and are eventually carried to the Chesapeake Bay by storm drains and wastewater systems. This “marine debris” is harmful to many plants and animals in the environment. According to the Ocean Conservancy’s annual International Coastal Cleanup reports, cigarette butts are the most common form of ocean debris. According to Clean Virginia Waterways, cigarette filters, cigar tips, and tobacco packaging account for 38% of the marine debris collected worldwide.

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