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Action of the Week
  • Households: 295
    Seal gaps around doors and windows

    Air flow through leaky doors and window joints, cracks, frames, and sashes can account for 15-40% of a home’s heating and cooling losses. If you close a piece of paper in a door and can pull it out easily, it needs weatherstripping. Stop air leaks from windows and doors with caulking, weatherstripping, plastic film, storm windows, or storm doors. Learn more about how windows can waste energy.

    From draft guards to foam weatherstripping, there’s a wide variety of products and strategies. It’s a good idea to learn what works best for your particular situation and the location and type of doors and windows you are sealing. Learn more about different strategies and materials from the Energy Savers guide,, or Consumer Energy Center.

    If you are a renter, there are temporary fixes for simple sealing projects, like using plastic window film or rope caulking, or laying a rolled up towel to stop drafts below doors. Air sealing strategies that are more permanent should have landlord approval.

    Watch this door weatherstripping video or window/door weatherstripping video to learn more.

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